Power of Knowledge greater than Military and Economic Power

Modi believes India has always been the leader in Knowledge business. He points to our success in IT.

Economic power can turn in to economic disaster, if economy is mismanaged. For example European crisis.

And poor economies will have to sacrifice its resources on military might, as happened with USSR. Who once lead the world as a military power at par or above even the USA.

Whereas power of knowledge , remains powerful forever, look at Vedas, even after millions of years nobody explained the science of minds as well as Vedas and anybody who wants to know about spirituality or science of minds , turn around to an Indian Guru. That’s power of vidya or knowledge.

Knowledge is the only wealth that appreciates with distribution and it is the only power, source of which is mind, which will never run out of stock and comes for free.

Thus once we focus on mantra of power of knowledge, all other powers will come as by product, which will last till the time our focus remains on power of knowledge.


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